How will I know if Pyramid Yantra is working?
Things will start to change. They may happen on a subtle level. For example your happiness may increase or your attitude to life may alter. Things may also happen in a more tangible way, such as an unexpected phone call with a job offer, or an invitation to a party

Can Pyramids help people who do not believe in it?
I have seen some immediate and powerful effects rewarding the work of self-confessed unbelievers. Pyramid or PyraVastu is not a form of magic. It works on the scientific principles of space and mind, and will have an effect whether or not people can feel it or know that it is being used. But if a positive mind and a strong faith is added it can give miraculous results

How long will it be before I begin to get results?
I have seen Pyramids have immediate and dramatic effects, but it can also take time. Possibly the process is connected to our ability to adapt to change. Pyramids can help you get the most from your life. But just as glowing good health needs careful attention to diet, exercise and lifestyle, Pyramids will require a little time and care before you see dramatic results.


How long will it be before I begin to get results?
The vibrations of new names as per Pronology and Numerology gives positive effect to the person. By using appropriate gems will also add advantage to him. We are advising gems to convert negative effect to positive gems. Overall it will take atleast 6 months to get good result.