Pyramid Vastu

The word ‘Pyramid’ is a Greek term which is formed from two words – pyra and mid. While ‘pyra’ stands for fire, the universal life energy or cosmic force, the word ‘mid’ denotes middle or center core. Built in Egypt centuries ago, the mystery of pyramids baffled human minds for a long time. However, after much research and investigation, it has been deciphered that pyramids were essentially constructed to harness the cosmic energies. These cosmic energies in turn kept the interiors of the pyramid fresh and energized. The power of pyramids has been put to use in various sectors such as vastu, astrology, color therapy, spiritual meditation and medical healing

Benefits of Pyramid Vastu

As a balanced lifestyle maintains and promotes good physical and mental health, similarly ‘good Vastu’ is essential for improving the quality of our lives. The following list is just some benefits that you can enjoy in a house with high Vastu potential.

  • Enhances your health and vitality
  • Promotes financial prosperity
  • Creates a stress-free and supporting environment
  • Improves your relationships and dealings with other people
  • Gives you inspiration and maximises your effectiveness
  • Provides you with a refreshing, good nights sleep
  • Creates a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere in your home
  • Promotes general fortune and wellbeing
  • Improves the efficiency of your employees
  • Creates expansion in business and profit
  • Increases your creativity and intelligence
  • Creates a stress free and supporting environment
Some of the major Vastudosh
  • Toilet in NE – Financial Problems
  • Bath Room in NE – Education / Career Problems
  • Elevated NE – Poverty
  • Stair Case in NE – Circulation problems
  • Kitchen in NE – Quarrelsome members
  • Rounded NE – No male children
  • NE Toilet in SW Bed Room – Cancer
  • NE Toilet in SE bed room – Breast Cancer
  • NE toilet in NW bed room – Brain Tumour / madness
  • NE toilet in NE bed room – Brain cancer
  • Bed room with SW toilet – Heart problems
  • House with toilet in SW – Heart problems
  • Depressed SW – Heart problems
  • NW Entry – Litigation
  • SE Entry – Accidents / surgery
  • SW Entry – Financial problem

We have solutions for all the above problems through Pyramid Vastu .